There are several world famous jazz festival in the world, like NEW PORT JAZZ FES., MONTREUX JAZZ FES., and TOKYO JAZZ… In one word, they are COMMERCIAL.

On the other hand, there are another type, which is coordinated by citizen. Shonan Jazz Meating is such one. It was held on 7th November 2020, at Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa.

It was very unique. Whole one day we could enjoy jazz performance at two sites in front of Fujisawa station, one is at the north exit, the other at the south. All Fujisawa station area were covered with jazz, stereo sounded!!

Totally 24 groups were performed with special guest, LISA ONO !!

LISA ONO— Born in Sao Paulo, and stayed in Brazil until ten years old. Top bossa nova

player in Japan.

World famous jazz festivals are, of course, attractive ones. World is looking forward to its opening. However, local community based ones are in a different type very attractive as well. In one word, HEART- WARMING.

Many of the performers are local citizen, who love the place. Many of audiences are the same. There are strong atmosphere of unification. Each performer saluted to coordinators at the start, “Thank you very much!!” Oh what a warm atmosphere !!

All such atmosphere were continued until the last stage, LISA ONO, who staged with heart-warm singing and charming talks. It is BOSSA BOVA !!

It is LOCAL COMMUNITY CULTURE. For example, like autumn festival in Japan. Community friendship. Usually such kind of events are not informed widely. However, I think SNS can do it !! When you watch it to get a chance, you can get local community culture. Very interesting !!

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