In Japan, school system is;

6 years for elementary school

3 years for junior high school

3 years for high school

4 years for university/ college

(and so on for graduated schools)

Just in my experience, as far as in system in Japan, communication between parent and child is most necessary at around time of high school entrance exam. Before that, parents’ support is more required, and after that children can think more by themselves.

①Sometimes parent can talk with child very deeply, like “what is your dream/target, and then what you should do at this moment ??

②and sometimes parent can leave it as child’s intention and see him from a little bit far.

It is not easy to hold its balance. I think I am not a praised parent at all, and such balance was collapsed.

There are public schools and private schools. If take private school, usually we take for several schools to get more chance/ option. My child’s case. roughly first half of examination year, I was more strong in ② just with excuse that “I respect him”, then examination started, and made some failure, I was much in trouble in distress by myself. It was my responsibility for lack of ①….

I think that distress was a part of ① with deep thought to himself.

Finally as a result or I am not sure, anyway, he got success to pass at his desired school.

I think in Western culture, whole the situation is quite different. ① Try child to be independent much earlier than oriental culture ② Respect child to keep strict rule set by parents

What is your situation ??